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Website development

Besides a photographer and copywriter I am also a website developer. This means that I can help you further with the delivery of a new website. If you already have an existing website and you are not completely satisfied with it, I can also check it for you and optimize it where necessary.

Platform: WordPress

The time when we used WordPress to write a blog is now far behind us. You can still do that with a WordPress-based website. However, it does not stop there. How about a cheap or cheaper alternative to a webshop than the one offered by the more expensive providers of software for this? With WooCommerce you can offer a great website.


So you can actually call me a WordPress expert. Since the first version of this Content Management System (CMS) appeared, I have been a fan of it. I am not alone, there are many providers of similar services who are fans of this CMS. I distinguish myself by being honest about the investment you make for the website.


Being transparent is essential to me. At the same time, I realize that transparency on a page with information about website development is difficult. This has to do with the fact that I regard every website project as a unique process. A process for which certain things are necessary or not. That is why you will not see a price list on this page.

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